We work with entrepreneurs who need assistance with propositional development, architecture and roadmap delivery, go-to-market strategy and initial seed funding in order to get their start-up off the ground.

Our focus is on cloud-based and ideally B2B ideas. We have a strong interest in any propositions that are based around Big Data, semantic and collaboration technologies, enterprise messaging or content management.

The SeedCloud team reviews the best opportunities it comes across from multiple sources; then iterates and develops these ideas, prioritising them based on the scale of opportunity and ability to execute. Once selected, SeedCloud incorporates a vehicle to exploit the opportunity and assists with strategy and resourcing, including fundraising. Critically, and unlike other incubator programs, the SeedCloud team directly supports, or even leads, technological development using its own rich pool of internal IP and tools.

SeedCloud is not a fund and does not invest capital in its portfolio companies (though its founders and other members of its ecosystem frequently do). Our role is limited to technological, strategic, propositional and market advice – helping ideas become real businesses with customers and revenues, and driving focused execution.


The thing that impresses me most about SeedCloud is the sheer calibre of their people, both commercial and technical.

Leading global PE fund director

Unrivalled in my experience is their combination of high level enterprise executives with people that have been building successful start-ups for many years.

Managing Partner of European VC

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